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Take 5: Positive Impact

Meet Deb Osborn and Gemma Ellis, co-owners of Reform Ormiston that’s celebrating its first anniversary.
Gemma Ellis and Deb Osborn
Could the Reformiston ladies introduce themselves please?

Deb is a mum to two teenage daughters and Gemma has a newborn son. After serving our community in separate Emergency Services, we found ourselves facing burnout and looking for a change in careers. We both wanted to continue to serve our community but from the top of the cliff, not the bottom. With our passion for reformer pilates, combined with our previous experiences, we both bring a unique approach to the business and our relationship with our studio community.

How did two former Emergency Service workers collaborate on the idea of pushing boundaries in the competitive fitness industry?

A strange turn of events and some mutual connections led to us meeting and completing our Reformer Pilates Instructors training together. Having both come from stressful and demanding careers, we understood the valuable roll that exercise plays in improving mental health and general wellbeing. Having both sought respite in reformer pilates ourselves, we identified the positive impact we could have on the East Auckland community and thus Reform Ormiston was born.

How are things different at Reform Ormiston?

Reform Ormiston isn’t just a Reformer Pilates Studio. It is a community, where we know our clients. It is a safe space where our clients can come and completely escape the stressors of life for an hour, feel supported, but also get a bloody good workout. Our classes are centred around a more dynamic approach to reformer pilates and each of our trainers brings their own unique flare to their class plans. We believe every client should leave feeling better than when they arrived (albeit a little bit sorer).

What did turning one mean to you?

Turning one is such a great milestone and has allowed us to reflect on the year that’s been and to celebrate not only our amazing instructors and beautiful space at Reform Ormiston, but also the fantastic clients we have, and the close community we have created. It has also given us a great check-in point to reflect on everything that we have achieved in the last year, as well as a renewed hunger to do things even better for the next.

Any upcoming news/class we should know about?

We are excited to be adding an Over 65’s and also a Pre/Postnatal class. We know the importance of continuing movement for these two groups and are excited to facilitate these modified classes, catering to relevant physiological changes. Our pre/postnatal will kick off in June, starting with an information workshop with a local women’s health physiotherapist.

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