Friday, March 1, 2024

New Year, New Look

Even before our flight could land in Auckland there was only one pressing question on everyone’s lips. “So why did your Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern suddenly resign?”

A young Australian couple returning home from Europe wanted to know 33,000 feet above sea level on a long-haul flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney.

Farida Master – editor

“It’s come as such a shock to everyone! Wasn’t she a goddess that everyone worshipped? What happened?”

Another red-eyed, (from watching too many movies) 30-year-old, returning from Johannesburg happily offered his opinion saying, “Jacinda mania was fast fading and she probably realised she didn’t stand a chance at the upcoming election.”

For me, Jacinda’s emotional resignation speech said it all! Her honesty was endearing as she stated that with such a privileged role comes responsibility. ‘The responsibility to know when you are the right person to lead and when you are not’.

Admitting that she ‘doesn’t have enough in the tank to do justice’, must have taken a lot of reflection and courage to come out in the open about it and call it a day!

Some decisions are tough.

We at EastLife magazine have had to make ours with the rising costs and an unpredictable supply of paper stock. With the price of newsprint having more than doubled, we’ve decided to drop the gloss just so that we could continue to bring out a free magazine for you. A magazine you’ve repeatedly said you love reading…

The good news is that the change in paper stock now makes it a more sustainable and organic product in line with trends amongst leading print design publications globally.

We also have a brand-new design to complete the exciting, new look for 2023.

As always, there is plenty for you to soak in from a fabulous Wedding feature, in the month that celebrates love—to fashion news and trends, recipes, travel, interviews, beauty products, giveaways, colour forecasts for interiors and more!

Keep chasing the magic… and here’s to recreating yourself to keep in step with the changing times!

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