Sunday, May 26, 2024

Are you looking for a cuddly feline friend?

Ready for a snuggle session? And remember some cats are more cuddly than others.

The Good Home is hosting a Kitten Cuddle Weekend on Sunday April 28 from 12-3pm. You get to cuddle a fur baby for a gold coin donation.

You are welcome to bring along pet milk, cat biscuit, Chef kitten loaf and litter.

There will be a raffle with all proceeds going to 9 Lives Orphanage. The charity cares for and rehabilitates injured, sick, and scared cats and kittens, and to re-home these once stray and abandoned animals into loving forever homes.

Founded by a couple of passionate friends who had some stray cats living rough around their homes, it is a registered non-profit cat and kitten rescue, and the ‘hub’ of the charity is in South Auckland. The charity has expanded over the years to include a dedicated team of volunteers and foster parents, that specialise in taking on pregnant and nursing mums and abandoned kittens but won’t turn away a cat in need if they have the space and resources to help. The passionate individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to save the fur babies, work closely with other rescue groups too.

Whether it is round the clock bottle-feeding, late-night runs to the vets or simply showing the kitties what it is like to be part of a loving family, the rescue is run from the homes of very patient and hard-working volunteers.

They do not have all the rescue cats and kittens in one location. Instead, foster parents host ‘meet and greets’ at their homes with potential paw-rents.

9 Lives Orphanage organises frequent fund-raising events such as ‘Kitten Cuddle Days’ at work places, Yoga with Kittens, BBQs and raffles. They also do community days where they take kittens into rest homes and spend a while socialising with the residents.

The charity that is active on Facebook has a diligent screening process for adoptions to ensure suitable homes are found for cats and includes an adoption fee, a contract, and a lifetime agreement that the cat will be returned to them should circumstances ever change.

All cats are desexed, have first vaccinations and are microchipped before an adoption takes place.

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