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The future of eyewear is here!

Kristine Jensen, Owner-Optometrist at Eyes of Howick on a revolutionary spectacle lens

When it comes to spectacle lenses it is important to realise not all are created equal. This is particularly true when it comes to progressive lenses.

It was over 60 years ago that Essilor — our primary lens supplier, produced the first Varifocal, known as Varilux. This was revolutionary as for the first time, wearers were able to experience seamless vision from near to far without restrictions of a traditional bifocal line.

The last 60 years has revealed a better understanding of the visual system, the physiology of the eye, and neuroscience through monitoring real-life situations and seeing how the wearer’s movements, posture and behaviours affect their vision.

At Eyes of Howick, we have offered customised lenses that are not just specific to your prescription but also to how your glasses frame sits on your face; an all important aspect to the performance of your glasses.

But now with the arrival of our new Visioffice lens measuring system, we take full advantage of Essilor’s decades of research and are proud to be able to offer the Varilux® XR series™ the first eye-responsive progressive lens utilising artificial intelligence of visual behaviour based on your prescription. New XR motion™ technology takes binocular vision to a new level—meaning your eyes can work together better than before. You can expect:

  • Seamless vision at all distances
  • Instant sharp vision for increased adaptation
  • Effortless vision on the move
  • Stabilised vision when in motion
  • Visual fluidity when multi-tasking at arm’s length

Personalised lenses are not only customised to your prescription and choice of frame but also to you as the wearer- providing your own unique pair of lenses to match you, your posture and in particular your visual behaviour when you are reading and moving. Using advanced digital technology, we can help you achieve your expected vision with greater clarity across the entire lens.

Pop in and see our friendly team for quality eye care, advice or check out our wide range of the latest fashion glasses.

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