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Camping in water at Komodo National ParK

Intrepid traveler and chef on a superyacht, JAMIE NEBEN shares notes and images on one of the seven newest natural wonders of the world.

A volcanic region of Indonesia and home to the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, the Komodo National Park is the only place you can visit creatures in the wild. Getting there is relatively easy with flights from Bali for around $60 each way.

There are liveaboard dive boats that operate in the area that are well worth the experience. I ended up hiring a private boat and crew—did four dives a day! It’s truly breath-taking! Even got to witness coral spawning turtles, manta rays and lion-fish that got a little too close for comfort.

The crew onboard diver’s paradise Komodo were very friendly and cooked amazing food with just a camp stove. The boats are mostly wooden. Having lived in super yachts, it took me a few days to adjust to it, but I loved every minute. The experience can be best described as camping on water.

For a day trip, I recommend getting on a fast boat and heading to Padar Island. The view from the top is epic with white, black and pink sand beaches. Be sure to stop at the pink beach, it’s beautiful!

From there it’s around 25mins to Komodo Island where you can watch the Komodo dragons and the food they hunt (mostly deer and pigs). Don’t get too close! They have shark-like teeth and venom that can kill a human within hours!

Until next time Selamat tinggal!

Jamie Neben
Jamie Neben
Notes from superyacht chef and photography buff, Jamie Neben’s travel diary.
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