Friday, March 1, 2024

A little gem for the community

Brookby Barn, a name that says what it is… a barn! Maybe with a little twist. As you enter the gate it seems like a nice little place, tucked in on a bend of West Road, Brookby.

With a deck and a play area for kids and a few friendly-feathered friends, free ranging on the grounds, it is a charm. However, when you open the double barn doors, that still gives a squeak – it’s a beautiful rustic interior – created and planned with love, that welcomes you warm-heartedly. What a lovely surprise! You don’t need much to turn this into a classic elegant or country boho themed venue.

The Loft is another lovely hide away from the city life. As you go up the stairs from the venue you find a classic and yet quaint bed and breakfast escape. Beautiful forest trees in the valley and pond greet you as you step outside.

The owners, Monya and Chris van Wyk together with friends have worked hours on end to create a little gem for the community to come and enjoy with their whanau and friends. Memories and moments are something you can’t take for granted and Brookby Barn would love to be a part of your story!

In-between events, Brookby Barn hosts homeschool groups for learning and adventure; and hope they can start a community garden soon!

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