Thursday, June 13, 2024

Recipe: Eyeball jelly cups

The countdown is on for All Hallows Eve and, thanks to Countdown we have scarily easy recipes to ensure we dish out the treats and avoid falling victim to tricks on October 31.

To learn how to make a whole ghost (‘host’!) of Halloween themed dishes, see the recipe page at

Eyeball jelly cups

› 17gm lime jelly
› Marshmallows
› Smarties
› Black and red writing icing

Prepare jelly as directed on its packet, divide it among six one cup glasses before leaving it to set in the fridge.

To make the eyes, halve marshmallows horizontally, then top their sticky sides with Smarties. Use writing icing to draw veins and pupils on the eyes.

When the jelly is set, top with eyeballs and serve.

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