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Polo fashion open season

The sport of kings attracts many a dashing knight keen to make their mark with mallet in hand.

Due to severe flooding caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, the upcoming NZ Polo Open 2023 has been cancelled. 

The sport of kings attracts many a dashing knight keen to make their mark with mallet in hand. However, looking the part on the sidelines at the upcoming NZ Polo Open (Auckland Polo Club, Clevedon, Feb 19) can be just as important as playing one’s part on field, Open ambassador HOLLY ESTELLE advises.

Whether it is true polo fans or those who are just out for a great day of sport and socialising, the rules for fashion are quite simple – elegant, effortless, and comfortable. Traditionally, the dress code for the final polo match day was formal Sunday best, but over the years the sport has attracted a diverse crowd who have injected their own take on polo style.

Tips on playing dress- up for NZ Polo Open:

For Women
  • Opt for lighter fabrics such as chiffon or silk to allow for movement, comfort, and a bit of breeze
  • A two-piece set with a tailored pair of high-waisted linen shorts can create a relaxed yet sophisticated look
  • Go for lighter tones, don’t be afraid to flirt with a bold colour Big, floppy or wide-brimmed hats with added detailing, or a scarf tied around and draping down your back – all fit the bill on sunny days
  • No stilettos, please! Opt for wedges, boots or flats
For Men
  • You can’t go wrong with neutral-toned, tailored chinos. Shorts are acceptable if they are tailored and tidy
  • A polo shirt is an easy win on the day, but do have a bit of fun with their style. Think lightweight shirts and blazers
  • Linen shirts are comfortably classic, perfect for a day at the polo
  • Add a coloured pocket square, experiment with hats or swap out the leather for a coloured, woven belt
  • Chelsea boots are best worn with chinos; wear tidy boat shoes or loafers with tailored shorts

In general

Add a splash of colour – block colours and patterns. Some local designers, known for more muted tones, have introduced pops of bright colour into their summer collections, so I’m confident this trend will make its way onto the field, too.

It would be great to see some creativity with accessories, such as pocket squares and silk scarves.

Having said all that, there really are no strict rules for polo attire; contribute your personal flair but remember to respect the sport and tradition.

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