Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Yessss, we did it!

Drum roll please … Wanted you to be the first to know that EastLife Magazine has just won the BEST IDEA/INNOVATION AWARD.

We don’t say it often, but we all look for acknowledgement. And when it comes from the best, the NZ Community Newspapers, CNA, it means a lot!

Things haven’t quite been the same post-Covid and we’ve had to navigate through some tough times. Just like many other local businesses that have had to rethink strategies and reinvent themselves.

It’s often under pressure that we rise to be our best selves. Some call it the power of resilience. Our publisher Reay Neben decided to keep marching on despite the setbacks.

Eastlife Magazine came up with fresh ideas, new design, style, website, …and kept going till people sat up and took notice.

And when the first award of the evening was announced at the CNA Awards, we realised that something good had come out of the A-team working relentlessly.

The Judges comments read: ‘This was a change in thinking and a long-term sustainable solution for the publication. It represented some good out-of-the box thinking for the business. It was also a great way to re-engage the community and provide another way for locals to connect with the publication. EastLife met the brief in a detailed and a sustainable way!’

With a pat on our back, and a moment to reflect on our journey, we’re back to bringing you the June issue packed with a focus on health and wellness. An interesting read with lots to recharge with.

Here’s more power to you!

Farida Master, Editor

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