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I saw the light

Sheryl D’Roza, author of Shifting Consciousness for the 21st Century talks on the journey of self-discovery and how the book can help readers to find their truth.
Sheryl D’Roza. Photo Wayne Martin

Sheryl D’Roza is of the belief that the world would be devoid of mental health problems if each one of us was equipped to understand our truth and use our energy for our wellbeing and healing.

“We must look within, be self-aware and pay attention to our consciousness,” says the author of Shifting Consciousness for the 21st Century who had an inkling almost 30 years ago that some day when she is ready, she would share her knowledge with thousands of readers.

Published by Tiger Media, the consciousness workbook comes with worksheets that enables readers to chart their own journey.

“Each one of us sings our unique song and is directed to a pathway, where we need to be.”

Having been through the school of hard-knocks, Sheryl who prefers looking on the brighter side of life, says that there must be a conscious effort to recognise our truth, instead of crying about it.

Emphasising on letting go of the past and moving forward with energy of the present she says. “We need to clear any conditioned patterns and attachments on the material, physical, mental and emotional level that are obstructing our flow.”

As a young, wide-eyed girl of 16, Sheryl tapped into the power of astrology and numerology. Understanding the messages of hidden numbers that gives a deeper understanding of personality types, life’s purpose, and future events, was the start of her spiritual journey. It opened new vistas as she began perceiving things with a different lens, much to the disapproval of her parents.

“Being good, church-going Christians they didn’t believe in it. They thought it’s all woo-woo!”

It was a series of mystical meditations that gradually led her on a different path of spiritual development.

“At the age of 25 after I had my two children, I joined a meditation class run by Christiane Clements in Perth, to find myself, energise, and learn to breath properly. It was while meditating that I literally saw the light,” she reflects.

It was an ethereal experience as whilst meditating, Sheryl visualised being led to a library. She felt herself gravitating toward a book with a red cover.

“At that time, I had no understanding of our energy fields/ chakras or that the universe is mainly energy in motion. I was unaware that the colour red symbolised the base chakra which denotes our foundation. Red is the colour of vitality. The base chakra, located at the base of our spine and three fingers below our navel represents the foundation of our belief system, it’s our power storage centre, our survival kit.

“It was only when I fully understood what it meant that I was ready to move to the next stage. In one of our meditations, I was once again led to the library by Christ Consciousness as I entered an orange book.

“Only much later did I discover that the orange energy field/ navel chakra at the centre of the belly button, represents creation, assimilation, and connection to spirit. On a much deeper level, stomach problems can be associated with undigested ideas that cause disruption to your digestive system. They need to be addressed so that we can clear our energy field.

“Gradually I was directed to the yellow book that is the colour of our solar plexus chakra which represents our emotions. That’s how I was guided to learn about the other energy fields in our body,” says Sheryl who in the past conducted meditation classes and colouring for teenagers and adults.

“As we exchange energy on this planet the most important thing to remember is that energy transfers and transforms, what I do affects you. What you do affects me, what we do affects the planet. We are all connected in one collective cosmic matrix.

“We still have our individual journey, but knowing that we are all bundles of energy, vibrating at a certain frequency, assists us on our soul journey.

Sheryl strongly believes that as human beings we have only one purpose, one responsibility and one truth. That is to shine our light through spreading our essence of love.

Shifting Consciousness of the 21st Century published by Tiger Media is available at Paper Plus and Poppies Bookshop Howick.

Or visit www.shiftingconsciousness.nz.

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