Sunday, May 26, 2024

Figuratively festive

Out of Europe

STOCKING STUFF: For some, Christmas involves little more than a barbecue at the beach, for others there’s a lot more involved. Italian company, Easy Life Boutique, has gone above and beyond keeping celebrations simple. Instead, there’s enough plates, cups, teapots and the like on offer to make even Santa think you’ve gone a bit far!

While most of these wares are (we’d say) more for the hardcore Christmas fan, individually the creativity expressed in them is rather impressive. In particular, the company’s range of figurines are bound to bring a little joy to the world, even for those who are more
‘bah humbug’ than ‘ho ho ho’.

Based near Milan, Easy Life can ship products to New Zealand – order via However, as (unlike Santa) they’re unlikely to deliver around the world overnight, it might pay to simply take inspiration from them at this stage and get those orders in early for mid-winter festive feasts.

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