Thursday, June 13, 2024

Return Visit invigorating

What a pleasure it is to be greeting EastLife readers once again, if only for this month. Editor, Farida Master, is ‘away from her desk’ for a spell so, after 18 months of semi-retirement, I find myself overseeing this July issue. What fun!

Helen Perry

I am especially impressed by Farida’s article on Anderson Rocio’s stirring song, Power In Us, to assist in the world-wide call for immediate solutions to our climate emergency. Yet again, we discover another talented Kiwi using her influence for good.

With the earth buckling under the stresses of climate change, caused in part by difficulties of our own making, the article is a timely reminder that our planet urgently needs transformative change.

In particular, we should all be concerned about the deteriorating state of our oceans where plastics are starting to take a horrendous toll. It is not so long ago that New Zealand’s beautiful Marlborough

Sounds were considered to be pristine but two years ago, a study by NIWA and the University of Auckland, found microplastics on the Sounds seafloor.

With microplastics having been found in alpine soils, Antarctic waters and at the bottom of oceanic trenches, we should all be gravely concerned and calling for action especially as the devastation they are having on marine life is well documented.

This month’s EastLife also brings a diverse range of talented people to its pages. Author, Vanessa Hatley-Owen, artist, Cathy Cowin, pilot and NZ Warbirds general manager, Kim Parker provide fresh insights into women with presence.

This month, school holidays return which raises the issue of keeping youngsters active and entertained. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities on offer locally and further afield (but not too far) to preclude boredom. See ‘Events’ for Uxbridge workshops plus other July pastimes.

And, with that, it’s “Bye” from me! I’ve so enjoyed being hands-on at EastLife again, but my retirement activities beckon – life is still very full!

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