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Melanie Butzbach
Melanie Butzbach who has been in the hair and makeup industry for over 20 years has just launched Bedrock by Melanie—a natural and clean makeup with no nasties. Melanie talks about being skin smart when it comes to finding a clean cover-up with a perfect finish.

Tell us about your brand?

Bedrock by Melanie is a professional range of cosmetics that are clean, natural, vegan, earth-friendly, New Zealand-made and your new best friend. Enriched with beneficial vitamins and antioxidants, Bedrock is designed to allow for buildable coverage that blurs out any imperfections to enhance your skins natural beauty leaving you with a high-end finish that lasts. With Bedrock you know you are looking after your skin inside and out whilst caring for our beautiful Mother Earth.

What advice would you give when choosing a new foundation?

When choosing a new foundation, it is important to know what is in your product. Your skin is your biggest organ and you certainly want to avoid applying products that have harsh or nasty chemicals added. I recommend using a foundation that looks like it is your natural skin – just enhanced for the better. We offer help in choosing your perfect shade so you can rest assured knowing you will get a colour that suits you.

Do different foundations work better with different skin types?

There are so many types of foundations on the market. Liquids, powders, serums to name a few, and yes, they can work differently on a range of skin types. I recommend using something that gives you the control to wear it light and natural or as a full coverage foundation that suits you and your lifestyle.

What is the best way to prep the skin application?

I recommend adopting a regular morning and night routine involving cleanse, tone, and moisturising to keep your skin clean and hydrated. Exfoliating your skin every few days is beneficial also. By keeping up with these steps, you can achieve a more even and smooth complexion allowing a better base for your foundation.

What tools would you recommend, for flawless application?

Using a foundation brush in my opinion is the best way to achieve a beautiful flawless look. You want to keep your hands away from your product and skin where possible to help stop the spread of bacteria that can cause skin irritations and blemishes. Bedrock by Melanie, has the ultimate foundation brush designed to help achieve incredible results that graduate you from an amateur to a pro in seconds allowing a far superior professional looking finish.

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