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Where is Santa?

Older Kiwis, full of cheer, are being encouraged to don the big red suit to help avoid a Santa shortage come December.

The last three years have seen fewer New Zealanders apply for the top job, leaving shopping centre thrones empty, mantlepieces bare and wish lists unread. But with life returning to normal after the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to spread yuletide cheer.

Reportedly, talent agency, Scene to Believe is experiencing widespread Santa shortages and is struggling to get talent numbers back to pre-pandemic levels.

Being a Christmas character on the Santa set is the perfect casual job to boost budgets ahead of Christmas, says Scene to Believe managing director, Stefan Hutton.

“Posing for a photo with Santa is an annual tradition for families everywhere, we have a plethora of fantastic roles available in the North and South Island for grandparents, retirees, the semi-retired and everyone in between!” said Hutton.

“We’re particularly short in the Santa department, so we’re calling on older Kiwis to throw their Santa’s hat in the ring and apply.”

“Becoming a Santa’s helper is a great way for seniors to be more involved in their local community, interact with young people and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.”

Experienced Santa, Tony Hooper has been in the role for several years and says the job is perfect for older people wanting to dip their toe back into the workforce.

“Being a Santa is by far the best work I’ve ever done,” says Hooper. “It’s flexible, I work when I want, and I spend my days talking to young families and getting in the festive spirit.

“It’s also a great way to earn extra cash right before Christmas, which is when I need it most. And the best part is, I can still receive my pension!”

Who can apply to help Santa this year?

› Santas come in all shapes, sizes, and ages
› All you need is a love of Christmas and a positive, friendly personality
› You will be taken to Santa’s workshop to learn the magical ways
› You will be gifted with Santa’s full outfit that has been prepared specially from Santa!
› Need to be jolly, have a great hohoho and enjoy working with children

To find out more information and to register your interest as Santa or another character, visit

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