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The purr-fect puss

One or two cats are often included as ‘family’ in a household but Danielle Campbell’s Pakuranga property is, at any one time, home to eight gorgeous ragdolls and, in kitten season, several more.

“Feline cuddles are a given when you own a ragdoll,” the licensed breeder declares. “I’m ADHD and if I’m ever feeling anxious I just lie on the floor and these delightful cats will come and lie with me. Their presence is calming and comforting.”

A life-long lover of all cats, and supporter of cat rescue groups, Danielle says she became a ragdoll breeder primarily because she believed their temperament and affectionate nature would prove the ideal therapy for her three autistic children.

“They have made 100 percent difference to the lives of my children who have learned empathy from them, how to deal with loss and to appreciate the circle of life.

Subsequently, I am very particular about the homes my cats go to. My ragdolls are my babies; they are pets first and never lack love.”

The owner of three sires and five queens, including champions, Danielle is presently preparing for The Zombie Cat Show at Kumeu on July 9.

“I especially want to show my kittens in the hope they will start the journey to becoming champions. Of course, I’d like my champions to eventually become grand champions.”

Aware that not everyone is principled when it comes to breeding animals, Danielle says it’s important to buy from a licensed ragdoll breeder, to ensure DNA testing is carried out and that the breeder is NZCF and CATZINC certified.

“I am focused on a meticulous breeding programme and follow-up. I only breed from the queens for 2-3 years and then place them in forever homes where they can have a good life. I want them to go to owners who are loving and will appreciate the soft, warm-hearted nature of these cats.”

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