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Angela Rudling

She’s given up her weekends for over two decades, to help her clients sell and buy their dream homes. In a free-wheeling Q & A, the award-winning real estate agent Angela Rudling talks about her biggest high, weird encounters of the first kind, and reveals the secret behind her staying power.

From a career in selling jewellery to selling homes, what sparked the transition?

I had two dramatic events, an unexpected end to a prestige jewellery company’s wholesale business and my mother’s health crisis at the same time, which gave me the opportunity to consider a career change to allow me more flexibility.

How long have you been in the real estate industry and what’s the secret behind your staying power?

Almost 25 years now, as I did my real estate course in 1998, while working part time. I went to work for ‘Edwards Real Estate’ which some locals will remember being on the corner of Wellington and Picton Streets, in Howick. Annette Edwards who was the manager alongside her husband Colin were an incredible couple who taught me the basics of the industry, which I still appreciate today. They were a great success story and were happy to share their knowledge. I though, craved the more corporate experience so after a while I was invited by another powerful local real estate icon, Christine Fowler to join Ray White at the Bucklands Beach office. This gave me an experience second to none, learning from the best and enjoying the experience along the way.

As for my staying power, I think this is a combination of meeting and working with amazing people, having the privilege of assisting clients sell their beautiful homes, which I still thoroughly enjoy today. Every property brings a different dynamic as do the owners and their motivation for a sale.

Your pride and joy?

Over the years I have had the privilege of selling exceptional properties— from the first Whitford sale I made almost 23 years ago to the recent sale of Mellons Bays most iconic waterfront property ‘Greystone’ which we closed earlier this year.

What do you love most about your job?

The variety, of both people and property. I love the constant changing target of the market, plus the ability to transform a well-loved home into a show piece for sale.

What sets you apart from other successful real estate agents in the area?

I believe my positivity and strong work ethic. My marketing skills as I learnt from the beginning— it is difficult to sell a secret. Lastly, I am not scared to ask someone if they want to make an offer, which is a vital question in this industry.

Your advice to first home buyers, given the current scenario?

Get on the property ladder as soon as possible, either out of Auckland or do a joint share of a property with a family member or friend to get you started. There is no better investment than property and the sooner you start the sooner you can accumulate. I wish I had been taught this at an earlier age myself.

A success story that makes you smile?

Many years ago, I met a wonderful couple at an open home in Pt View Drive, which still makes me smile. They so wanted to sell their Whitford property but had been told it may be difficult to sell. I asked if I could please see their property, which I did a few days later and was absolutely thrilled as it was a stunning palm lined entrance with a large one level, waterfront home with lovely views and a theatre room—well ahead of its time in the very early 2000s. These fabulous clients allowed me to market and sell their home and this began a very lovely journey for us all which has lasted almost 20 years, as they have navigated their way through several other beautiful homes in our area. It was my first sale in Whitford, and I am forever grateful of their trust as this is an area I still love and am privileged to regularly sell in today.

What is an average house price in the Howick area/Whitford/Eastern Beaches?

An average sale for our team is anything from $1.8 – $2.8m, but we specialise in above average. In Whitford the average is now $3.5 – $4.5m. And in the Eastern Beaches, recent sales have been averaging between $2.8 – $4m totally depending on the property and the position.

What’s it like working on every weekend over the last two decades?

Weekends are when the clients find it most convenient, so this is part of my life. I manage to enjoy the interaction, so it never seems like a burden, though it’s easier as we have never had the restraints of children. Our lives have revolved around weekend work for so long now I don’t remember it being any different. However, our lovely trips overseas always come as a break and now we are through Covid, and things are returning to normal for international travel, we have a few exciting trips planned over the next few years.

The most bizarre experience you’ve had at an Open Home?

A lovely elderly gentleman arriving in gumboots, in an old beaten-up Toyota Corolla to a large semi-rural home. He was quiet and beautifully spoken but could have been Fred Dagg’s brother! This man took us all by surprise as the next day his lawyer confirmed to me, he had recently sold many millions of dollars of Sydney waterfront property. A lesson that still makes me smile, that you can never read a book by its cover. A lesson, I always remind my team.

How do you handle potential conflicts of interest when representing both buyers and sellers in a transaction?

There is never a conflict as once a property is listed by me, my responsibility is to the vendor. It is of upmost importance; we look after the interests of our vendors especially as they pay our commission. If I know a buyer who the property will suit, it can be of assistance, as they know I will be fair, but I often joke to my clients it’s better to sell with me than buy with me, as I always want to assist the owners in getting a great price for their property.

Which famous personalities would you like to invite for dinner and make a pitch about selling their homes?

I have always been fascinated by the actor Sam Neill and the producer Peter Jackson, but sadly to my knowledge neither of them own property within our area.

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