Thursday, June 13, 2024

DIY Beauty

Get salon-quality beauty treatments at home with these latest products.

High Brow Beauty

Get glossy, brushed-up brows at home thanks to Ardell’s new Brow Lamination kit. Ardell’s Home Brow Lamination lifts even the most unruly brows with a nourishing formula to relax the hair to straighten, separate, and sculpt your brows for a feathery, structured finish.

The Ardell Brow Lamination Kit RRP $33.99.

Carefree and hair-free

The Manicare Crystal Hair Remover is an ergonomic hair removal tool that offers a modern alternative to traditional hair removal methods. With ultra-fine crystal technology, the Crystal Hair Remover quickly and easily buffs away body hair and dead skin cells not captured when exfoliating. Shaving or waxing is often the go-to for hair removal, but how you remove hair can impact the longevity of your razor blades and hair regrowth.

Manicare Crystal Hair Remover – RRP $44.99.

The Manicare Crystal Hair Remover is the perfect device for hair removal for home and away, ingrown hairs, and extending the time between laser hair removal appointments.

Nails on trend

Nail those moody Autumn tones with the latest gel polish collection from Gel iQ. It has a higher iQ, easier application, glossier finish, and easier removal. With standout shades such as I Lava You, Beyond Olives and Terra Rossa, you can take your autumn look to the next level.

Gel IQ RRP $12.99 each.

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