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Shaken or Stirred?

Cocktails are easily a party stealer. Whether you are having a backyard party, Christmas Day famjam, New Year’s Eve do, we’ve got quick and easy cocktail recipes for you to unwind and add some cheer to the season.

The Good Cocktail Co., range of non-alcoholic NZ-made, cocktail mixers includes four tasty variants: Daiquiri, Cosmo, Margarita, and Mojito, all of which can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. Along with the non alcoholic mixers they’ve launched three new cocktail/mocktail rim garnishes: Berry & Lime; Chilli & Sweet Orange Salt; and Ginger & Passionfruit.

All rim garnishes within the range are gluten free, and 100 per cent vegan.

  • Berry & Lime: pair with a Daiquiri for a sweet treat that can’t be beat
  • Chilli & Sweet Orange Salt: pair with a Margarita for a spicy kick
  • Ginger & Passionfruit: pair with a Mojito to add a hint of sweetness

Christmas Mojito

  1. Add 45ml Havana Rum and 75 ml Mojito Mixer into a highball glass
  2. Add mint and ice into the highball glass
  3. Garnish with Good Cocktail Co. Passionfruit and Ginger Rim Garnish and a sprig of mint

Margarita Mixer


  1. Add 45 ml Tequila and 75ml Margarita Mixer into a cocktail shaker
  2. Add ice into the cocktail shaker and
  3. shake well
  4. Strain into a glass full of ice
  5. Garnish with Good Cocktail Co. Chili and Sweet Orange Salt Rim

Cosmo fizz

  1. Add 45ml of Absolut Vodka and 75ml Cosmo Mixer into a highball
  2. Build all elements into a highball-Vodka, Cosmo Mixer, Ice, Aranciata
  3. Garnish with Good Cocktail Co. Berry and Lime Rim and Dried boysenberries or grapefruit
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