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Yes, dreams do come true!

Dave and Annabel
If there is only one thing hotter than real estate: it’s the agents! FARIDA MASTER talks to Dave and Dominique McCartney of Ray White, the couple starring in the reality series Rich Listers currently aired on Bravo.

Imagine. What if everything you dreamt of suddenly came true. For real estate agent Dave McCartney, the moment he visualised for years happened in that instant when he received a call from the executive producer of Rich Listers asking if he would like to feature in the brand-new reality series, recently premiered on Bravo.

The series features a cast of the nation’s top real estate agents showcasing some of the most exclusive multimillion dollar properties in the world.

“As a kid I had always dreamt of that moment when someone would tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘would you like to be in the movies or television?’ I have waited my whole life for it. This felt like both my worlds had just collided. My love for TV and my love for real estate. Yes, dreams do come true,” laughs Dave, who has been awarded the Chairman’s Elite, recognised within the top 1 per cent most successful real estate agents nationwide at Ray White.

Dave met up with the executive producer of the show the next day and got along like a house on fire.

“We were both laughing and cackling away. Then he mentioned, he had already cast the whole show. They were to start shooting in two weeks. The reason he called was, someone showed him my videos, and he said `why isn’t this man a part of our show’? says Dave who has done stand-up comedy and been a part of media production, advertising, and the entertainment industry.

“He told me, we need your x-factor! You have a day to decide!”

Dave runs Team McCartney with his beautiful wife Dominique, trained by the best. Dominique’s father Murray Biddick has been an experienced realtor of 30 years, and former owner of L.J. Hooker, Howick. Dave gives due credit to his father-in-law. “I’ve only been a part of this industry for five years and we’ve been able to bring a different vibe to the industry. We brought fun to the industry with strength of marketing and property videos. Murray has had a great influence on me. He has been my big mentor.”

When it came to making the decision to be on reality TV, Dave realised that his better half may be completely out of her comfort zone.
“With a very heavy heart, I called to decline the offer of a lifetime as I had many listings and didn’t want my clients to suffer. My job always comes first,” he says.

However, the producer was not ready to give up. Instead, he made it easy by offering to work around their schedule, whenever Dave and Dominique were free.
“That was a huge privilege,” he says.

Once on camera, it was a dream come true for Dave as the filming also involved fast cars, helicopters and flames—big noise toys!

Mother of two boys, Jude and Leonardo, Dominique says the highlight for her was the competitive spirit involved in selling the $37million property in Queenstown.
“I loved the competitiveness,” she says. “There is a lot of competitive spirit in real estate, which is reflected in the show.”

Dave adds saying, “There was a battle of egos. Diego and I were always challenging each other. Put me in a ring and I’m ready,” he laughs, “It’s game on!

“I have wings and want to fly high. And Dominique is my anchor who makes sure I don’t fly so high that I may burn my wings in the sun,” he says of his wife of 16 years who is more grounded.

Dominique admits, she was surprisingly comfortable in front of the camera.

“There was no script or lines to remember. You just had to be yourself. Now that we have shot many videos for our real estate company, I am more confident in front of the camera. Dave has coached me well over the last four years,” she smiles.

The real estate agents reveal that the secret to their success is tenacity, and not allowing any negativity to distract them from the sale.

“In real estate you only eat what you kill. There is no bread on the table if you don’t make a kill. You must fight for your food every day,” says Dave.

“There is another rule: keep your listings close and your competitors closer.”

Rich Listers also stars former deputy prime minister Paula Bennett, now Bayley’s Real Estate strategic advisor dealing with high-net-worth clients. Holly Cassidy, a former Miss Universe New Zealand now billed as one of Remuera’s top agents.

The eight-part series also stars Annabel Marshal, real estate royalty from Central Auckland; Karl Matakatea the crown prince of Wellington real estate; Diego Traglia the Italian who is labelled as West Auckland’s number one agent; and Cheryl Whiting, a real estate legend in Parnell who happens to be Holly Cassidy’s grandmother.

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