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A bolder approach to colour

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a big, bold hue which some folk might find hard to imagine in the home especially if suggested as the dominant shade.

However, with careful planning and good advice, using a strong hue can have a stunning effect but be mindful – too many colours in one room may be confusing with no one colour standing out as the star.

To find a colour which suits your style, gather up items to be displayed in the room being decorated. Lie them on a plain background to find the common denominator – it may be that one particular shade or pattern which stands out.

Once you have settled on the colour take time to choose the right shade – every colour comes in a variety of hues and even a subtle variation can make or break the look of a room.

When choosing a strong colour ask for sample paint pots and fabric swatches. Daub paint on decor boards (or naked walls) and hold up against drapes and soft furnishings to see if the match works. Look at your chosen colour in different lights – natural light and artificial lighting can influence how a particular shade looks in any one place.

Once you have made your choice consider it in relation to the rest of your home, especially adjoining rooms. You may need to incorporate some neutral elements to offset or complement your choice and be sure to create cohesion between neighbouring rooms. For example, taking the colour theme from the lounge or family room into an adjacent dining room will help create a unified look without exact duplication.

Importantly, don’t be afraid to use big, bold colours in the home but do seek guidance as to where and how they can be best used either on a statement piece or for an overall theme. A successful outcome is likely to rely on research, planning, professional advice and qualified tradespeople.

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