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In My Backyard: Delightful country style garden

There is an instant sense of serenity and beauty as you step into Shirley & Dennis
Peat’s charming country style garden at Point View Drive in Howick. Here’s a garden tour with Shirley that you can relax and enjoy.
Shirley & Dennis Peat

“We have lived on our property for 27 years now and slowly developed it over that time. Both of our parents are gardeners so we came from strong gardening backgrounds!

Our house was one of the original farmhouses on Point View Drive. We try to maintain the old cottage style in the garden, including pieces of old farming equipment.

We have three-fourth acre with three large oaks on the front that are over 100-years-old.

Some of our other trees are a very tall Norfolk Pine, Liquid Amber, Ash, Maples,
Magnolias, Totara, Titoki, Golden Elm, Gladitsia, and a Lebanese Cedar. Apart from the older mature trees, we have landscaped and planted everything else.

This includes putting in a swimming pool about 17-years-ago and a large vege garden with raised beds, and numerous other features. The pool has a fountain going in winter which is lovely to watch.

We love the seasons with their own special displays. Autumn brings lovely colour on the trees and plenty of leaves! Magnolias and camellias come into their own in winter. In spring, the fruit trees are covered in pink and white blossoms alongside daffodils and irises. Throughout summer, roses, hibiscus and dahlias bring a continuation of colour in the garden. Rosehips in autumn look quite ornamental as well.

We have a large sweep of lawn bordered with cottage garden type flower beds. It has been great for games of badminton or volleyball and gatherings for family and friends.

Recently we created a small woodland area in an unused corner where we did some clearing over lockdown and made a pathway through the trees. It’s very nice on a hot day in there!

Our orchard has lemon, lime, orange, plum, apple, peach, feijoa, fig and persimmon trees. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are grown in a little walk-in enclosure to keep the birds out.

Wisteria is grown over the large wooden pergola leading to the vege garden, and we are growing a tecomante over the stump of a coral tree we had cut down.

We like garden art, so there are numerous pieces, some classical, some whimsical throughout the garden. Some features are inspired by overseas travel such as the Torii Gate, and Terracotta Warrior.

Our grandchildren enjoy the little fairy garden, as well as a swing and slide on our large Ash tree.

Birds are plentiful in the garden and it is always a delight to hear the tuis or see a little family of quails foraging around or spy a kingfisher on a branch.

As with all gardens it is a never-ending work-in-progress and keeps us busy, but we gain much pleasure from it and enjoy sharing it with others”.

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