Thursday, June 13, 2024

Hope and new beginnings

The sun is shining bright, the birds are singing, and the cherry blossoms are beginning to flower as you read this.

There is a distinct shift as the landscape changes to optimism, strength and a new promise with the change of seasons. There is a breath of life bursting out of every nook and cranny as days get warmer. Goodbye Winter, hello Spring!


It’s time to pack up those grey knits and tuck away the woollies. Let’s bring out the vibrant palette, block colours, pastel shades, floral designs as we embrace vibrancy and pure joy that Spring brings with it!

This issue, we’ve upped the style stakes with a Spring fashion trend guide for every pocket. From the season’s new pick-me-ups to embracing the art of op shopping, the pages have an injection of new energy and levity that will take you through your weekdays and weekends.

Loobie’s Story brings floral designs that translate the wild beauty of nature to life in fashion. Spring/summer 2022 collection is about vibrant colours and striking prints inspired by travel to exotic places as the world has opened again, and our minds are free to travel and daydream. Dream on.

Check out the season’s must-haves with Apt Fashion. Also read about fashion icon Anne Mardell, who has her heels firmly rooted in the fashion firmament for over four decades of designing and creating beautiful clothing. We’ve packed in styling tips from Zebrano—a guide to dressing for your body type—fashion fundamentals that play up your favourite features. From eyewear to footwear that’s trending, we’ve got you summer ready with new fashion arrivals.

Spring is all about new life, quivering with possibility, hope, a new beginning. Rebirth.

Which brings us to a new series we’ve kicked off this issue. It’s the story of hope and belonging. Also, of religious and political persecution, crime, punishment and a new tomorrow.

In the series of heart-rending and inspiring immigrant stories, we map the lives of those who have faced severe persecution that led them to flee their birth country…. as they try and find roots in New Zealand, a country that offered them freedom, at last! And hope….to make a new beginning as they change the narrative of their lives.

Ginni, Jamaliyeh and Sona faced harrowing times as they escaped from Iran during the Iranian revolution. Not only are they truly grateful for finding freedom at the end of a dangerous journey but they have continued to give back to New Zealand.

Here’s to stories of survival underlined by hope and success, in the season that celebrates life. May we embrace the beauty of nature to find the inner beauty that resonates within all of us.

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