Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Easy Easter crafts

Has Easter caught you on the hop? If so, while you are busy shopping Easter goodies at local stores in Howick, we have some tips to help children exercise a little creativity and have fun as they get crafty with eggs and rabbits!

Painting eggs is an old favourite that can easily go awry often producing more mess than decoration. Raw eggs can be used but this requires removing their insides, using a small drill and bulb syringe, before (carefully!) washing and drying the fragile empty shells.

Luckily, there is an easier way, one that’s less likely to see children and adults end up with egg on their faces – hard boil eggs, leave them to cool, job (almost) done!

Paint, felt pens and stickers can all help little imaginations shine, and cooking the eggs ensures there’s less chance artful designs will go off the boil.

Paper rabbits are also easy to make. White paper or plastic cups (or cups painted white) form the basis for these bunnies. Long ovals cut from light, coloured cardboard form the insides and outsides of the ears while a strawberry shape makes a delightful button nose.

After some finishing touches little imaginations can run wild and to their little hearts’ content providing extra decorations. Then these dapper rabbits will be ready to roll – well, they can’t hop, obviously!

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