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Wedding Planner

Wedding planner Joanne Adonis shares some ideas for the best day of your life. Keep it simple, save on budget, prioritize what’s important and focus on what really matters and making great memories on the day while spending time with your nearest and dearest. Remember it’s your special day and you can personalise it to make it the best day of your life!

A short guest list:

The shorter the guest list, the easier it is to plan and save on your budget. An intimate wedding requires less work creating an intimate atmosphere and allowing you can spend more time with your guests.

Hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator:

An experienced wedding planner can simplify the process by making it easier for you and ensuring that all the finer details are taken care of so you can have a stress-free day. They also help you save money as they have built up relationships with the best local vendors and suppliers.

The venue:

Choose a venue that has great natural beauty and is outdoors because this will require little effort when it comes to selecting, purchasing, or DIY-ing your décor. This will save on your budget so consider places that have great views and scenery—think the local botanical gardens, parks, beaches, forests etc.

Get married and have your reception at the same place:

Choose a venue that can host your entire event so you can avoid worry and logistics of having to shuttle guests from one place to the other. This also saves hugely on your budget because everything is in one place.

Embrace ‘All Inclusive’:

Opt for a venue with an all-inclusive packages which will provide lots of amenities and services in addition to the event spaces, like onsite coordination, catering, alcohol, staff, rentals, cake, guests accommodations and more. Think of a one-stop shop!

Colour palette:

Set the tone for your wedding. Gone are the day when weddings were all white or pastel. Colour brings a positive and happy atmosphere, more so after the pandemic. Couples are adding loads of colour added into their weddings, bringing much needed positivity and great vibes to their wedding. Bright colours are very fashionable and trendy this year.

The mix-and match wedding party trend:

Take advantage of this trend and give your bridal party freedom to choose own outfits according to your colour theme, brief etc. By giving your wedding party some freedom, they will appreciate your flexibility and feel better about spending money on an outfit they’ll will likely wear again.

Shorten the timeline:

There’s so rules to say that weddings must be long. Work with your coordinator to narrow down the ‘must do’s’ and choreograph your event that fits into a time frame that works for you and your budget. In addition to saving some cash, you won’t have to worry about your party dying as the evening goes on.

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