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Wedding colours that wow!

From flower arrangements to table settings, cakes and décor, wedding colours play a stellar role on your big day. If you’re planning a wedding but still undecided about what colour scheme to use, here are five trending colours that create a feeling of joy, happiness and a celebratory feel to your special day.

EGG-YOLK YELLOW: this vibrant and energetic shade is perfect for summer weddings. It has an air of vibrancy. Egg yolk yellow also sits well with coral orange and tonal browns for a spring wedding. A touch of yellow and orange to the tablescape, candles and glass accents will add the perfect glow and warmth to the D-day setting.

TERRACOTTA PINK: this vintage shade of pink adds a touch of romance to your big day. It’s a delicate colour that can be paired with other pastels like blue, yellow and pearl grey. For the more adventurous and fun loving, hot pink hits the Barbiecore viral trend. However, industry experts reveal that it’s the return of the softer shades of pink like the blush and pale pink.

DENIM BLUE: denim, cobalt, royal blue, indigo are versatile hues, suitable for any season. Blue has been an all-time favourite colour that exudes a feeling of calm and yet adds a pop of colour to a classic wedding look. You can pair it with crisp white, black, jewel tones or combine it with just about any shade.

MINT GREEN: add a fresh twist to your wedding day with mint green. Various shades of green from pistachio to sage and emerald green can be paired with black or white to create a modern look. Or even pastel pink for a whimsical feel.

BLACK: is chic and can be incorporated into your decor as either an accent shade or focal point. It’s both contemporary and timeless and can make bright colours pop. When combined with gold and silver, black adds elegance and refinement.

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