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How he popped the question

Zeeba Shahlori, former Pakuranga resident, recently tied the knot with Cyrus Sagar. The couple said ‘I do’ at a grand wedding in Mumbai, India on December 19.

We asked Zeeba about the proposal, and this is what she said:

“A week prior to December 11, 21 when Cyrus told me he was organising a surprise party for a friend on a Saturday morning, I was a bit confused and thought it was rather odd that a party should start at 9.30am at the beach. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend it. I was going to tell Cyrus that I will meet him a little later at the venue but then decided to go along.”

Zeeba of course, had no idea that the surprise party was a cover-up for the proposal!

As they arrived at the beach, Cyrus looked a little nervous, but Zeeba thought nothing of it.

They held hands and walked along the beach as Cyrus pointed out to the beautiful houses along the beach.

Zeeba was enjoying the moment as she dreamily watched the waves roll onto the beach.

Then suddenly she noticed there was a photographer taking pictures of them strolling on the beach. She thought it was weird and asked Cyrus why the man was taking pictures.

The next thing she knew, they were close to an igloo and Cyrus went down on one knee and asked the big question:

‘Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me’?

“My answer was an immediate Yes—with a lot of laughter involved,” smiles the radiant bride.

“It was truly a magical day!”

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