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It’s all about unmatched scenery and marine life at Palau, says Jamie Neben, as he travels on a superyacht, and shares his travel notes.

A country in the western Pacific Ocean, Palau consists of around 340 coral and volcanic islands. Palau is known for its unmatched scenery. With out-of-this-world dive sites and surreal natural features, it’s also home to the world’s first shark sanctuary.

Over 80 per cent of Palau’s waters are protected from commercial fishing. This has made diving, one of the best in world. There is even a lake that is home to over one million jelly fish that are safe to swim with.

Palau is not just home to this amazing marine life but it’s where one of the bloodiest battles of World War 2 took place, and over 20000 people lost their lives on the small island of Peleliu. The island is still littered with relics from guns, tanks and planes, the Japanese left behind.

For a diving tour, head to Sam’s Tours on the main island of Koror— you can even learn how to dive here…. and they make killer chicken wings!

One of my all-time favourite dives was a red snapper spawning dive, the fish would swim in a massive ball of between 20,000 and 30,000 fish. It was fascinating to see that much life in one spot. You’ll come across the odd bull shark looking for an easy meal.

We also did the adrenalin-fuelled Blue Corner dive where you wait on the edge of reef wall and watch what looks like a fish highway. We were lucky enough to see turtles and a large grouper that swam with us. He liked to have his belly rubbed!

Palau’s food culture has influences from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and America.

Highly recommended is the Tinola, a chicken soup made with ginger and papaya.

Until next time Mechikung.

Jamie Neben
Jamie Neben
Notes from superyacht chef and photography buff, Jamie Neben’s travel diary.
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