Friday, February 23, 2024

Tag: Motherfood

Recipe: Cashew Yoghurt Bircher Muesli

With all the distractions that family life brings, the softened, cool, creamy oats in bircher muesli will wait patiently for you until you’re ready.

Recipe: Zesty Oat and Almond Lightly Toasted Muesli with Apricots

It is worthwhile making your own toasted muesli at home. You can ensure it contains a trove of good-quality ingredients, which, unlike ready-made products, means that you do not need liberal amounts of added fats and sugars to make up for their missing flavour.

Recipe: Squash, Sage and Baby Spinach Lasagne with Triple Tomato Lentils

This recipe makes a wholesome, hearty lasagne — the kind with lots of layers of colourful goodness that will satisfy even the hungriest of tummies.

Recipe: Watercress and Coconut Soup with Sun-Dried Tomato Chilli Oil

This recipe is just as unassuming and laden with handfuls of nourishing watercress, but you can really use any greens you have to hand.