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SNAPCHAT: Tamsyn Cornwall

Tamsyn Cornwall.

Life came to a complete standstill for the bubbly and vivacious model Tamsyn Cornwall when she was told she had Stage 3B bowel cancer. Refusing to let the demons of cancer get the better of her, Tamsyn went through a major surgery with her chin up and huge support from friends and Insta followers. Face-to-face with death, the resilient model decided to focus all her creative energy on writing songs and working on an ethereal album titled Ren. The spirited model, songstress and ambassador for Bowel Cancer New Zealand has made it her mission to motivate others to dream big.

My new single ‘Let you in’ is about: being stuck deep in your mind, judging your own chaos, trying to break free, not thinking you’re good enough… then when things seem like it’s all too much, life is rushing by, and it can be scary to let people in, sometimes the universe lines up, acceptance sneaks through and it’s worth it.

The title of my album is: Ren – meaning love, blossom and in Egyption mythology ‘part of a person’s soul and that it would live for as long as that name was spoken or the person remembered’.

Love listening to: The Weeknd, Lennon Stella, Jhené Aiko, NF

There is beauty in breakdown: Without the sky getting dark after the sun sets, you wouldn’t be able to see the stars or moon clearly. I feel similarly when going through darker situations in life, as although it might be hard to see when you’re going through the thick of it, your perspective shifts and your gratitude for all the good and little stuff increases… it’s all about the little things.

My biggest inspiration: My beautiful mom, she’s the most beautiful person I know, she radiates positivity and has always been such a ray of light in my life.

Turning point: I got really sick when I was eight with inflammatory bowel disease, then at 30 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer, so for most of my life I’ve always fought to be healthy, and I feel that’s made me who I am today. I’m an ambassador for: Bowel Cancer New Zealand

Happiness is when: I’m seaside, singing songs and spending time with the people I love and cat I love (Belle).

My biggest high: That I get to exist and still live on this earth, it’s a beautiful thing.

Most passionate about: Following what’s important and living your dreams – life honestly is so short and it’s vital to do what sets your soul on fire.

My wish list for Santa: For me, presence is more important than presents— so I just want to spend time with my cat, my partner Leon and family.

My dream is to: continue writing music and releasing songs.

The many hats I wear are: ohhhh this question just makes me think about hats – I enjoy hats, I love putting on different hats and pretending I’m different characters.. hahaha, but ahhh, I feel like I’m a mermaid, bowel cancer ambassador, singer, partner, cat mom and more hats to come I’m sure!

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