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Snapchat: Artist inspired by deep waters

Angela Ventling

With a PhD in Marine Biology, Andrea Ventling arrived in New Zealand from Switzerland to study local marine life and fell in love with the country.

The Ventlings decided to move bag and baggage to New Zealand and were brave enough to redefine themselves. A SnapChat with the scientist turned artist who brings the sublime marine life into art.

Something you should know about me… although I am a small lady, I love to express myself artistically on large surfaces.

The medium I work with is… silver leaf as a background painted on top with shellac and acrylic inks.

From a marine biologist to an artist, the transition has been… a long and winding journey. I took a detour with interior design and then special paint finishes which taught me about proportions, colours, textures and materiality. The desire to paint has always been there.

I found paradise in… Goat Island in 1992 when we arrived at the Leigh Marine Laboratory for my postdoctoral studies.

The ocean is… my constant inspiration, source of curiosity, calm and happiness and expands my mind. Since I was a child – growing up in a landlocked country, I have been attracted to the ocean.

My inspiration… is memories from many dives ranging from cold to subtropical and tropical waters, either for work or leisure.

My technique… which is quite unique, is inspired by the use of silver leaf in Japanese screens, my former knowledge of gilding and the recent introduction of shellac inks.

Through my art works, I want to…. give people an immersive experience by inviting them to dive with me into the mysterious underwater world without getting wet.

Very proud of… having been selected for the beautifully curated show ‘Art in the Park’ this year.

Art to me is… bringing joy into someone’s home.

My upcoming exhibition is… at Quay Gallery in Whitford on November 27 from 2 to 4pm.

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