Thursday, June 13, 2024

Spring change, what this means?

Bayley’s Angela Rudling reflects on the upbeat mood as the sun shines on the real estate market.
Angela Rudling, Bayley’s

Everything always looks better once spring arrives, the plants start to shoot new sprouts, and daffodils, jonquils, and freesias fill the air with the sweet aroma of spring. Summer is obviously just around the corner and the mood changes as excitement starts to build. Just as in the world of nature, so does the atmosphere and activity in house sales, it’s a subtle change from winter that means the real estate market also blossoms.

Once spring is in the air the market quickens its pace and excitement builds. This year another factor that may well bring heightened activity post mid-October is the election. The current atmosphere is positive towards there being changes in our political leadership and new rules being offered regarding foreign buyers may bring a welcome relief to the current offshore buyer drought.

Regardless of the election results the weather is definitely on the improve and the prediction of El Niño heading towards New Zealand over this coming month, brings hope of warm balmy nights and sunny days ahead.

So, if you are thinking of a change in home and/or location between now and 2024, then talk to your local real estate professionals as spring is a wonderful time to showcase your property and get the best the market will produce to assist you in your future plans.

For free no-obligation market advice and appraisals, one of Angela’s team will happily come and discuss your current options. Call anytime to request this free service.

Remember to get outside and take time to enjoy what nature so abundantly provides for our enjoyment as soon as the sun shines and the temperature warms.

Happy Spring!

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