Friday, March 1, 2024

Effects of World Events on Housing

By Bayley’s Angela Rudling

As global uncertainties rise, New Zealand’s appeal as a permanent residence is on the upswing, as noted by Bayley’s Angela Rudling.

In the past when world events shook the northern hemisphere’s stability, many Americans and Europeans added New Zealand to their residential shopping list. With New Zealand being touted as one of the world’s most desirable countries to visit, it is no surprise we are experiencing interest from offshore in the coming months.

In recent years restrictions have made immigration and the purchase of property more challenging for those without a New Zealand passport however with the current election results and promises of a new system for overseas buyers, we are already receiving buyer enquiry from offshore again.

Our housing market has been measured of late but since the election we are experiencing a new volume of positive enquiries and sales despite the interest rates being slightly higher than what we have been used to over the previous years.

It is unlikely that interest rates will subside in the immediate future, and we are now experiencing our new normal. On a worldwide scale we are very fortunate to be living well away from most of the international unrest and can enjoy our beautiful New Zealand with its relatively peaceful environment and mild weather.

It is not a surprise that international interest is back, and may very well increase yet still as we head toward 2024.

So, if you are considering either buying or selling over the next few months and would like a one-on-one discussion regarding your property, please feel free to contact Angela.

Proudly working with her multi-cultural team of real estate professionals, achieving excellent results in all market conditions.

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