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Life of luxury for two Bichon Frise

Lynne Petty with Ruby Rose and Abby Rose.
Dogs may be man’s best friend but in one Bucklands Beach home it is the woman of the house who is adored by her two Bichon Frise pets. HELEN PERRY talked to Lynne Petty about the special bond she has with her ‘girls’.

When it comes to love and attention, Ruby Rose and Abby Rose couldn’t want for better. At 14 and 8 years old, no amount of pampering is too much for Lynne Petty’s two canine companions.

“Every day I wash their eyes, brush them and clean their teeth with an electric toothbrush. They line up for this daily routine which ends with a chewy treat,” she explains.

“When basic grooming is completed, the ‘girls’ are dressed – bandana for the neck, a matching bow in their hair and, perhaps, a coat or knitted pullover, depending on the season. When we go out, they have their own seatbelts in the car and overcoats in case of rain.”

Daily grooming aside, regular salon visits are a must.

“Every five weeks I take them to Three Poodles boutique in Howick for a bath, trim and brush. For a special event, such as grandchild’s birthday party, they might wear a sparkly necklace or arrive sporting a washable colour rinse – pink, blue, whatever suits the occasion. At one fundraiser, Ruby’s red and yellow rinse represented Ronald McDonald; at another I painted her toenails.”

Looking pretty is par for the course, however Lynne says an annual vet check and vaccinations are essential.

“A quality diet is also important – Royal Canin kibble, a little wet food, and, in the morning, fruit but never pineapple which makes them sick. When they need some quiet time, there is a room complete with creature comforts at the rear of the house, a day sofa in the lounge and at night they sleep on our bed.”

Life is indeed sweet for these two adorable Bichons and Lynne says they not only bring joy to her life but to all who pass by their cottage.

“Being small, they don’t need as much exercise as bigger dogs but they are energetic, playful and adventurous. A while back we had a launch and both dogs were quite at home on it. They had their own life jackets and liked to swim.

“Most importantly, they are happy, friendly little dogs, intelligent, easy to train and extremely affectionate. I love them to bits.”

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