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Eating goodness


Being good to your health, animals and our planet can be ridiculously easy, not to mention crazy-delicious for your tastebuds too, says Buffy Ellen Gill who at the age of 27 was a senior most female research analyst in Goldman Sachs Australasia. At 28, Buffy was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid as she was struck by heart palpitations, body sweats, hand tremors, insomnia and anxiety.

A top endocrinologist gave her a choice of conventional medical interventions which she refused to accept. Instead, Buffy’s penchant for research paid off as she explored the idea of food as medicine. She says it was a no- brainer as she switched to a plant-based diet. Eighteen months later, much to the surprise of her specialists, her blood tests came back completely normal.

Buffy spent the next four years completing a Bachelor of Nutrition and Natural Medicine.

The book Be Good: Plant-based recipes for everybody by Buffy Ellen Gill, Bateman Books, is a selection of tasty plant-based recipes that can make us healthier and happier in the season of excess.

RECIPE: Vietnamese Banh Xeo

RECIPE: White Chocolate Christmas Cake

RECIPE: Pistachio & Pomegranate Halva

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