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SPF for your eyes?

Kristine Jensen, owner-optometrist at Eyes of Howick talks about the importance of sun protection for your eyes – all year round.

New Zealand has a harsh summer sun; however, UV damage can occur even in winter!

This is why at Eyes of Howick we choose Essilor® lenses to protect the eyes of our patients. Incorporating the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF), an index certifying the UV protection brought to you by both sides of a lens and inspired by the protection index used to rate skincare and sunscreen product efficiency against ultraviolet light. The higher the E-SPF the greater the level of UV protection.

E-SPF indicates the overall UV protection provided by your lenses, to your eyes and to the sensitive skin around your eyes. All lenses are not equal in terms of UV protection.

It is crucial to consider UV protection when you choose your lens treatment and with this new reference index in eye-health care, you now have a clear and objective measure regarding UV protection performance of your eyewear and sunglasses.

For example, with E-SPF = 25, your eyes are 25 times better protected than without any protection. (E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure from around the lenses).

This rating system is eligible for clear and photochromic lenses as well as for sunglasses, with values ranked from 2 to 25 for clear lenses, and up to 50+ for sun lenses.

Today, Crizal® Sapphire™ HR provides the best UV protection for an Essilor clear lens, with an E-SPF of 35.

For corrective sun lenses, Crizal Sun X guarantees an E-SPF of 50+. This can be included on a standard sunglass or polarised lenses.

And considering we receive 80 percent of the UV damage to our eyes and skin before the age of 20, you can be rest assured our Kids Prevencia lenses provide not only the best UV protection of a clear lens but also reduction in blue light exposure.

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