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Before pruning a tree

Since pruning trees can be tricky and even dangerous, this job typically requires the expertise of a professional arborist. If you’re thinking about doing your own pruning, there are four questions you should ask yourself first.

Is it necessary?

There are several reasons to prune a tree, including to remove dead and damaged branches that are at risk of falling. Pruning a tree simply to improve its appearance should be avoided. After all, each cut you make is a wound that takes time to heal and puts the tree at risk of infection.

Is it safe?

Never prune a tree that’s within three meters of a power line. It’s best to leave this extremely hazardous work to a professional. Similarly, cutting large branches can lead to serious accidents and injuries if you don’t use the right tools and technique.

What equipment is needed?

To safely prune a tree, you need to use specialised tools. Pruning shears, loppers and saws may all be required. Make sure your tools are clean and sharp to facilitate the tree’s recovery. You’ll also need personal protective equipment including safety goggles, a helmet, work gloves and a harness.

What’s the best way to proceed?

Before you start pruning a tree, analyse its structure and determine where you’ll make each cut. Most importantly, you should limit your alterations and respect the natural shape of the tree. This is the best way to keep your tree healthy and improve its appearance.

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