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Special Mother’s Day treat for you

I was recently invited to share my story at an International Mother Earth Day celebration held on Zoom. The idea behind it was to get women to talk about their personal journey of trials and triumph, the things they learnt along the way, and the advice they would give their younger self.

The lady dentist of Persian heritage from North America who organised the webinar explained that in the Persian calendar, the Earth Day is also celebrated as Mother’s Day. It’s a joyous two-in-one celebration.

Farida Master, editor

Drawing a parallel, she said that just as the Earth is nurturing, embodies fertility, gives birth, nourishes and protects the children of the earth, so does a mother who imbibes the same qualities of selfless giving, as she nurtures her children with unconditional love. There is a good reason why the earth is referred to as Mother Nature or Mother Earth.

It was fascinating listening to the brave women across continents who dared to dream big and had their moments of heart-break as they shared their personal highs and lows. A successful engineer/technocrat/entrepreneur from the US admitted that working in a largely male-dominated field, she gradually learnt that it’s ok to be uncomfortable, and scared out of your mind as you scale new heights.

“I am now comfortable with being uncomfortable,” she admitted about not letting the feeling of insecurity or being a misfit, deter her from achieving her goals.

Another young lady who works closely with the UN, spoke about taking on a massive, global water conservation project, she has initiated. Respect! Is the word that comes to mind as I heard her talk about overcoming limitations to make a difference to the planet.

It was truly inspiring listening to the women who had jumped hoops to bring about a positive change, literally!

A senior lady shared how her and her daughter entertained, and helped people keep fit during the pandemic by dressing up every week as a different character and hosting fun, aerobics classes on Zoom. The images she shared certainly left us all smiling.

The May issue of EastLife magazine celebrates Mother’s Day in all it’s different hues and glory. ‘Mums’ the word!

We have three new mums, and a grandmother, share their struggle and pure, unadulterated joy, the lessons they learnt from their little munchkins…the spectrum of emotions they experience as the cup runneth over. Someone described motherhood as the extreme measure of being alive!

From beauty treats to recipes, Q & A, some very dynamic women and our relatively new ‘In my backyard’ feature which has fast gained popularity—there is plenty to soak in.

Between the pages is a specially created Mother’s Day treat for you which we hope you enjoy. Go on, this is for you!

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