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Confessions of a diarist

What is your most precious possession in the whole, wide world? I’m embarrassed to say mine is a diary, errr I mean a pile up of diaries, I’ve zealously saved over the years.

Farida Master, editor

When I moved countries more than 20 years ago, I quietly slipped a few diaries in my suitcase that allowed us only 30kgs of our worldly possessions. It would have easier to replace them with something that weighs much less. I couldn’t!

They are no secret diaries. Most of them are filled with inspiring quotes from change-makers, who’ve made a difference to the world. It’s nourishing food for my soul that I long for, time and again.

That apart, some of the pages are filled with story ideas that appealed or fascinated me. In a way it does trace my journey and gives me wings when I need strength and courage to push boundaries. It lifts me up.

Must confess, I was quite chuffed when author and fellow diarist Jodie Shelley (pg 6-7) mentioned that over the years she made notes of all the funny things her colleagues and friends said. All those anecdotes and hilarious lines eventually proved to be perfect fodder for her first book The Tūī has Landed.

Equally fascinating was talking to artist Pat Basse (pg 15) whose works of art are currently on display at Uxbridge. Pat, faced major upheavals as a child in WW2. The only thing that kept her alive during those traumatic days were multihued dreams. The accomplished artist later journalled those vivid dreams and captured them on canvas.

In an age of 3-sec insta hacks where your attention span and focus is zero, there is something quietly comforting about making notes in a feel-good diary, reading and reflecting on it. It allows you to get in touch with your inner space, away from the noise and distractions of all-consuming technology.

If you’re a diarist, drop us a line.

Farida Master – Editor

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