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Tips for choosing the perfect wedding lingerie

Known to offer excellent customer service, wealth of advise and free professional fitting of lingerie for the bride, bridesmaids and guests, Lily Whyte offers tips on finding the perfect undergarments for your special day!

Consider the gown. Make sure the undergarments you wear are discreet enough that they won’t be seen. Similarly, if the dress is made of a sheer or silky material, you may want to choose a slip or body suit to be sure everything is smooth and invisible.

Think about colour. White lingerie may be traditional but could be noticeable under a white dress. Instead, wear lingerie that matches your skin tone.

Make sure it fits perfectly. There’s nothing worse than undergarments that don’t fit well. Finding the exact right size will ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the day.

Change for the evening. If your gown calls for something more demure, why not change into a spicier getup for your wedding night? A lacy babydoll or a risqué black teddy are sure to drive your new spouse wild.

No matter what style of lingerie you decide to wear on your wedding day, be sure to bring it with you to your dress fitting. This will allow you to make certain it works well with your gown.

Most people won’t see it, but wearing the right lingerie is imperative to looking your best on your wedding day.


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