Actively Bold!

Vibrant Rose Road Activewear has a tropical kick that is sure to impress women who are bold by nature.

This range of limited-run, exercise tights features in soft, luxurious high-performance fabrics which give control, support and a superior fit.

Designer Annabelle Rose says: “Our tagline is, ‘move the body, express the soul’. We want to inspire confidence in women of all shapes and sizes to be bold and beautiful, to rock their body-hugging gym gears and do all the things the modern woman has to get done.”

Available in small, medium and large sizes, the fabric (sourced from Italy), features patterns designed by Annabelle herself and although her surname suggests it was inspiration for naming the line, she says, not so.

“It isn’t from my surname but from Rose Road in Ponsonby where the ‘bright tights’ idea first found form among a group of, “beautiful, inspiring women who wanted a bit more soul in their ‘gym-coffee-grabbing-getting-everything-done’ gear.

“Taking a new direction and different to my usual graphic design and art work, Rose Road is also a nod to my own personal road of discovery.”