Friday, March 1, 2024

Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

Despite the wet weather, the turnout at the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by the Federation of the Chinese Associations of New Zealand at the Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant Alexander Park, was impressive. Chairperson Steven Wong said that the event celebrated the long-standing relationship between China and New Zealand.

Acknowledging the economic and cultural contribution of the Chinese community as they brought in the Year of the Rabbit, were National Party MPs including Simeon Brown, Mark Mitchell, Paul Goldsmith, Judith Collins, Melissa Lee and Simon Watts. Also present was Grant Smith, Mayor of Palmerston North, and George Hawkins, Deputy Mayor of Hamilton.

As Minister for Immigration Michael Wood, light-heartedly said, “If an asteroid were to hit this building today there would be a lot of expensive by-elections to be held.”

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