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Travelling chef’s plant-based recipes

Life on the road doesn’t mean boring food. A trained chef and ‘vanlifer’ Natalie Rodriguez proves that cooking in a tiny kitchen can result in bold, dynamic and delicious meals. With more than 60 plant-based recipes the author draws on her Puerto Rican heritage as she shares recipes in Tiny Kitchen Feast published by Hardie Grant Explore. An edited extract:

Coconut Soup with Pistachio Pesto

This recipe came about when my wife, Abigail, and I were creating pop-up oceanside restaurant menus in Mexico.

I wanted a light and delicate but flavoursome soup to start the multi-course meal. The coconut milk is subtle and the pesto gives the soup a slight brightness. I love this dish. It’s simple.

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Guacamole with CarameliSed Ginger & Orange

Eating this reminds me of Baja Mexico because this recipe was born on the beach at one of our pop-up dinners.

Creating this was a happy accident and I don’t believe I can eat regular guacamole anymore. Most people who have tried this say the same thing. It’s definitely one of my signature creations and quite a crowd-pleaser.

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Grilled Tempeh Kabobs with Miso Plum Glaze

This is a sweet, tangy sauce that takes on the char of the grill, symbiotically.

The grill gives the tempeh that slow-cooked BBQ flavor. The tempeh is great on its own or as part of a full meal.

Have it with rice or roasted potatoes, or slide the skewer into a taco. Keep piling the sauce on.

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