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Cooking with Simon Gault

The MasterChef New Zealand judge and award-winning restaurateur Simon Gault has had a longstanding connection with east Auckland.

His first restaurant at the age of 22 was the Bell House followed by Gault’s on Quay, Euro, Giraffe and more. Gault has now opened a deli at St Johns that offers tastings of products and even runs cooking classes.

Gault shares exclusive recipes with EastLife readers.

Simon Gault Honey Chicken

Elevate your dinner with Simon Gault’s Honey Chicken. A medley of flavours from honey, citrus, and spices, it’s a dish that’s as complex as it is comforting.

See Recipe HERE

Warm Couscous Salad

Elevate your mealtime with this warm Couscous Salad. Packed with fresh veggies, feta, and olives, it’s a quick yet flavourful dish.

See Recipe HERE

Roasted Plums in Parmesan Nests

Indulge in the unique pairing of Roasted Plums in Parmesan Nests. Sweet plums meet savoury Parmesan for an unforgettable culinary experience.

See Recipe HERE

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