Winners: October 2017

Olive Black Gift Packs

J. Lang – Howick
Y. Scullard – Bucklands Beach

Auckland Garden Designfest

D. Pollock – Howick
R. Morgan – Beachlands

Bayer’s Advocate Spot on

L. Flowers – Bucklands Beach

Sunflower growing packs

R. Thomas – Beachlands
G. Law – East Tamaki Heights

Guiness world records twin pack

K. Reid – Pakuranga

I Did, I Love, I Am

B. Howe – Highland Park

Angelo’s Wild Kitchen

J. Soakell – Dannemora


All of our winners are notified by phone or email when the competitions are drawn. If you think you have won a prize but have not yet heard from us, please get in touch.

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