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There is nothing like a good haircut and colour to make you feel confident and look good. Bridgette Young from Off the Fringe Organic Hair Studio, Howick, shares mood-boosting hair trends.

When it comes to hair, we are seeing a large movement towards embracing natural texture and movement as clients are choosing cleaner products with less chemicals and silicones.

It is more about using products with no nasties and loving the feeling of natural hair.

Following natural hair shape and movement is important for low maintenance and easy to-do styles.

Spring/Summer hair trends brings soft textured styles with bangs and fringes that will refresh your look.

Think, heavily layered cuts with a modern take on ‘the Rachel’ recently worn by Hailey Beiber. The `Friends’ chop is back in a modern, gorgeous way!

A shoulder length ‘shag’ haircut spotted on models and celebrities recently, including Kaia Gerber, bring the curtain bangs high on the style barometer.

It’s also the return of the classic, clean bob for a sophisticated and elegant look. Easy to maintain and style, the bob comes back with a slightly longer front and softer internal layers for texture.

Pixie haircuts have made a comeback, with maintaining some length on top for volume and movement.

For this season’s colour palette, a lot of clients are braving the challenge of returning to their natural colour, be it silver or grey. For those who are not quite ready to embrace the natural look, there are always shades of gorgeous blondes, with pastel tones running through. Think soft pink, soft peach, light lilac, and honey tones running through creamy blondes for dimension and change. A simply stunning look.

Darker chocolate warm tones with caramels are gorgeous but making them pop with a sweet statement piece, pastel somewhere underneath, always works wonders.

Keeping these beautiful colours and shapes do take a bit of home care and maintenance. Ensuring your coloured tresses are well nourished with protein and moisture treatments is essential to gorgeous looking and feeling hair.

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