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Off the Fringe: A Sustainable Salon

Off the Fringe Organic Hair Studio offers eco-friendly options for clients that have a positive impact on the planet.

When it comes to waste in business, hairdressing is one of the top contributors to environmental waste. However, this is changing and at a rapid pace. More and more salons are choosing to change their ways and opt for eco-friendly options in their products and systems in their businesses.

Off the Fringe was one the first salons in east Auckland to join Sustainable Salons in May 2018. A program designed to help salons recycle the waste they produce.

How does this initiative work?

Bridgette, owner of Off the Fringe, says, “Clients pay a small $3 fee when they visit the studio, less than a cup of coffee! This fee is used by Sustainable Salons to cover the costs of removing all recyclable waste from the salon.

Including, plastics, cut hair, metals (foil), paper and even left over colour get collected for recycling. “Everything that usually would go into the waste bin. 95 per cent of the waste is now kept out of the landfill.” Bridgette says she is very proud to be part of this program.

Just one example of how this is impacting the planet is that hair collected from the salon floor is used to soak up oil in a land or ocean spill.

But these eco warriors don’t stop there. The home care products and professional colour they use in the studio reflect this desire to do better. All the products currently used are bottled in PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled) they also offer a refill option for clients to use for some of the home care options. They are all made with natural and organic ingredients.

“We want to do better, choosing safer, sustainable and cruelty free products for our clients, ourselves and our planet and decreasing our waste as much as possible.”

Off the Fringe Organic Hair Studio
Unit 1C, 121 Elliot Street
Howick, Auckland
(09) 535 3974
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