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Know your skin

Tania Cibulskis, founder of Scenturie on six different skin types.

Normal/ Balanced Skin: is not too oily or dry. Pore size is just visible, and skin feels supple, and smooth. Most skin products are tolerated but care is still needed to ensure optimal hydration and nourishment.

Dry Skin: can lead to a dull complexion, premature ageing, peeling, itchiness, and irritation. Moisture is essential for dry skin! Try face oils, serums, and moisturisers with hydrating ingredients, such as shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

Sensitive Skin: When exposed to irritants it can react quickly producing symptoms such as redness, itching, burning, and dryness. Sensitive skin types should avoid skin products with strong fragrances, synthetic chemicals, or alcohol.

Combination Skin: can be a mix of oily, dry, and balanced skin and can be affected by ageing, hormones, and climate. Try gentle daily cleansing and toning, followed by moisturising with nutrient-rich, non-comedogenic products.

Oily Skin: can lead to blocked pores and blemishes. Skin may look shiny with larger than normal pores. Oily skin needs moisture. Recommended skincare products include those that help balance excess oil and are non-comedogenic.

Acne-Prone Skin: People can have dry, oily, or a combination of any of the skin types and still have acne-prone skin. Light-weight, gentle skincare products that cleanse the skin without clogging the pores are most beneficial.

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