Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The sketchbook

Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming group exhibition at Quay Gallery, aptly titled sketchbook, as it invites the viewer to explore the concept beyond the obvious.

An eclectic and inspiring show, Quay artists will bring personal individual works and small collections of sketches using a variety of different mediums. The works offer inspiration to the audience to evolve ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through the creative exploration of the ‘sketch’.

Sketches are an important and integral component of the artistic journey and often used as an emotional outlet in combination with words to convey message and meaning or purely to remember – a scene, a moment, a person, an idea. Through sketches you experience things differently. It’s more than a snapshot.

The exhibition seeks to inspire and inform, to invite discussion and open an internal dialogue.

Opening of sketchbook at the Quay Gallery on Thursday, March 14 from 5-7pm.

There will be drinks and chats with artists. The exhibition runs until Thursday, March 28.

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