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Castle Point – Doug Mitchell
The Howick Photographic Society, in conjunction with the Auckland Festival of Photography and Howick’s 175th anniversary celebration, will showcase a large selection of images by award-winning and emerging photographers.

The Howick Photographic Society Inc. has been active in Auckland’s Eastern suburbs since 1956, inspiring the love and art of photography.

The Howick Camera Club (as it was known then) was founded by Laurie Longstaff, an Englishman who came to Howick in the early 1950s. A keen amateur photographer, Laurie belonged to a camera club in England and focused on this interest while working in Australia before settling in New Zealand. At that time, the nearest camera clubs to Howick were the Auckland Photographic Society and the North Shore Camera Club, now North Shore Photographic Society.

Laurie found an ally with photographic interest, the local grocer, Doug Webster. They eventually called a public meeting to consider the formation of a group of like-minded people in Howick who might be interested in starting a photography club. This meeting was held on Thursday, 19 April, 1956 in the commercial rooms of Land Agent Norman Gibbs in Cook Street, Howick.

Twenty-seven people attended the meeting. Those present agreed that a photographic club should be formed and decided to name it ‘The Howick Camera Club.’ The club initially catered for monochrome (black and white prints) and colour (slides.) Those who preferred prints were expected to do all their own processing, including enlarged mounted prints. A far cry from the ease with which photographs are processed in today’s digital era!

The Howick Photographic Society currently has a strong following of members that range from the very experienced through to those just starting out on their photographic journey. Experienced members regularly hold tuition forums for those wishing to improve and warmly welcome anyone with an interest in this art form with workshops, outings and competitions available for everyone. The club has a strong history of success in local, national and international competitions.

Physical meetings, in pre and post Covid times are held at the clubrooms below the Bridge Club at the Howick Recreation Centre complex. At the moment, all meetings are conducted on Zoom. The photographs on display are all available for purchase in any size required for your home or business.

The exhibition will run from May 30, till June 18, Uxbridge, Monday, Friday and Saturday, 9am–4pm and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am–9pm. For further information, please contact

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