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A cultural extravaganza

The opening ceremony of the New Zealand Taiwan Day had a host of enchanting performances by the Taiwanese Children’s choir as well as a very talented aboriginal troupe.

The evening started on a spiritual note with a moving Māori Karakia and Atayal prayers by the visiting Taiwanese aboriginal tribe. There was a lot of mana and respect as the deep connection between the lineage of Taiwanese and Maori can be traced back to thousands of years.

David Seymour leader of ACT Party said the NZ Taiwan Day celebrates New Zealand’s relationship with Taiwan, two island nations of entrepreneurial and democratic people.

The opening ceremony of the cultural extravaganza had a line-up of 100 performers including an award-winning Taiwanese children’s choir from Jiaxing Elementary School.

Their rendition of Pokarekare Ana along with GFCBW NZ Choir was soul-stirring!

The charismatic Puyuma singer Sambuy, sang, danced and even played a nose flute.

Equally entertaining was the Naluwan Music and Dance Troupe affiliated to the Aboriginal Culture Development Centre. There were interactive workshops including calligraphy, origami, hand puppetry, traditional crafts on display.

The Preparatory Committee of New Zealand Taiwan Day Trust headed by Jerry Shih, had invited the principals and teachers of five schools of the Atayal tribe in Hsinchu County who later visited schools, churches and a Marae. The two-day multicultural event at the Victoria Convention Centre was a true celebration of culture, art and the relationship between two nations.

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